Friday, January 28, 2011

It's Brag Time !!

I've been living in Papercrafts land for so long lately, that I haven't been bragging about my published work....well that will never do so; here is the current 'Handmade' magazine with my Beach Bag; 'Aquatic Fantasy'. I loved designing and making this bag

The bag is actually round, so here's a pic from my files to show the shape. It will hold a beach towel, sunnies and other bits and pieces quite well.

Here is the cover; Vol:28 No:10 which is in newsagents right now.

Happy Sewing......I'll be back at my machine soon....promise!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fantastic Papercrafts!

Hi There Blogging Friends! The Papercrafts Expo that I have been organising for the last six months was held recently and what a success it was. Hi there to all the 'Papercrafters' who travelled far and wide to visit our humble Craft Cottage and join in on the Expo.

Following are pics of my display. The items are the result of an on-line class called 'Romantic Gothic Ghosts' by Karla Nathan and Beth Leintz, which I thoroughly enjoyed; and was thrilled to be able to share with so many visitors to our Expo.

A Banner, Tags, Hanging Cones and Altered Books make up the display.

I had a lot of fun finding the old silver pieces in our local "op" shops, I'm sure I will use those again. Now....its time to settle down and finish off a few projects.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bookmark Mania !

Yes Blogging Friends; I've been creating bookmarks by the dozens for a session I will be presenting with my friend Sue at our up coming 'Papercrafts Expo' on the 20th Jan.

The idea was to use bookmarks as a product to demonstrate how to use a laminater. The process would certainly have shown crafters how to use a laminater but; I got to thinking that our bookmarks would look pretty ordinary.

So....I slept on it for a couple of days and eventually decided that I wanted a decorative touch; and this is what I came up with......

I put border stickers on the blank sections of these little bird pics; before we put them through the laminater...and they came out looking very pretty....

Then; I used lots of fancy knitting yarns and ribbons for ties and also put some corner stickers on the outside of some laminated bookmarks....

I also added brads, flowers and other embellishments to the ties...

The corners all eventually got rounded with a corner punch as well...

mmm.....a girl can never have too many them all!


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