Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holiday Crafting Fun!

Hi There Blogging Friends. I took a box of crafting goodness with me on my recent holiday and on a couple of peaceful mornings; I dived into it and made these jewellery items.

I am the absolute novice with jewellery making, but "gee I love it", so who knows; I could get hooked...mmmm better keep my unfinished quilts in view I think!

The brooches are pretty, can't decided which one will be mine..........they'll probably all vanish for Christmas gifts.

I do like this bracelet and came up so simple and sweet.

Pink and green are my favourite am I going to part with this one then?

I've still got these cream and black beauties to play with. It's another favourite colour combination of mine..........think my jewellery box is going to get a face lift!

Do you have some handmade jewellery? Love to hear about your favourite piece.


  1. It looks very lovely. I would be pleased if someone give this to me as christmasgift.

  2. Yes I have some beautiful handmade jewellery thank you Judith.
    These pieces are all gorgeous.

  3. Oh Judith, they are the prettiest brooches!! I think you just discovered a new and wonderful hobby!! :-)

  4. Gorgeous, , beautiful, y love.Hugs.Olga.

  5. I love all of it you are very talented. I think I still have A broach My aunt made for me when I was 10 years old A long time agoI will have to look for it and put it on my blog Jewellery was differant then.
    Hugs Mary.

  6. Very pretty brooches Jude and it looks like you are enjoying making them. Hugs Vicki xx

  7. These are so gorgeous, Judith - and will be so hard to part with!

  8. WOW.. how gorgeous are those Judith... clever gal.......I would want to keep them too if I were you....glad your home safe and crafting away, sorry I missed your email... Yahoo gremlins I suspect...
    Hugs Dawn x x

  9. There is no end to your talents, Very nice jewelery for someone.

  10. Gosh I think you should keep them all, lol! I love them! I love making jewelry too - but I'm not good at it, my hands won't do what I want them to anymore. Put them all in your stocking, Judith.

  11. Judith they are all so are one talented gal...

  12. Judith your jewellery is absolutely gorgeous...
    loving those brooches...

    Jenny x



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