Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just Fiddling!

mmmm....I have to confess that I'm doing very little during the current heatwave we are having here in OZ. Even with the blessing of an air conditioned home; I feel like a rag doll...all floppy in the arms and limbs, even the head feels wobbly....I'm a sad case of "I'm too hot to do anything"!

So; to keep myself amused I've been fiddling around unpacking boxes that came back home from the Papercrafts Expo and finding places to put things.

I demonstrated the making of these pretty tags on one of the Expo days and gave them away to visitors as I made them; but these were left over from the display so I decided to decorate some of my glass bottles with them.

I purchased the gorgeous digital prints from Just Dream Designs on Etsy.

I made the tags with a 'Creative Memories' tag punch....

then; I used stamp pad ink to sponge the edges of both the tag and the images, you will notice that I sponged a bit of the blue coloured ink onto the image on this one...just to bring the background into the image colours.....

I used background stamps and stickers to decorate with.....

and.....glitter glue to highlight the wings.

You might have also noticed that I have fallen in love with 'Crinkled Seam Binding' which I purchased from the States. I used it for the tag trims here and also for my 'Romantic Gothic Ghost' display in one of my previous posts.

I love it so much I'm seriously thinking of buying rolls in to "hand crinkle" myself and have it for sale here on my blog. What do you it dreamy enough for you to buy???


  1. I feel for you in the heat Judith, I'm feeling the same way in the cold! No matter that we have a furnace, the house cools down so much right before it kicks on. Brrr. Maybe I could send you some cool air and you could send me some warm, lol.

    Your tags are glorious - I love them on your bottles! You are talented in every direction. I've never heard of Crinkled Seam Binding, it's lovely!

  2. These tags are just gorgeous! They compliment your pretty bottles very nicely. I've never seen the Crinkled Seam Binding. I'll have to keep my eye out for it! ~karen

  3. What is crinkle seam binding? Is it used in cardmaking or quilting? Love the bottles, they could decorate any little nook and brighten it up.

  4. They are gorgeous, what is crinkle seam binding?? Is that the fabric at the end of the tag? if so it's lovely and I would possibly purchase.

  5. These tags are just beautiful,Judith!TFS.
    Love your bottler too:)
    XO MArie

  6. çok şık ve güzel olmuşlar.ellerinize sağlık...



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