Saturday, September 24, 2011

Paper Art Dolls are Fun to Make!

Oh yes Blogging Friends; I've discovered 'Paper Art Dolls' and have had a great time creating these two for a swap with some USA friends.

They are both about 10 inches tall. This is my 'Boo Witch'; she doesn't move but has a hanger on the back....

This is my 'Bat Witch' and she has moveable arms and legs, plus a hanger on the back...

If you want to get into making these little cuties; go here to the Roses on My Table site and join the 'Le Papier Doll Swap''ll meet some nice people there.

On the travelling side; I came across these fabulous historical pictures, in a museum and they got me wondering "why don't all men wear hats like they used to"?????


  1. What *darling* little paper dolls!!! :)

  2. Oh Judith...I'm so glad you found me so I could find you! I love your paper dolls! Just darling!

    I hope to visit you homeland someday!!!


  3. Hi Judith!

    I LOVE your paper dolls! They are completely fabulous!!!



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