Sunday, March 4, 2012

Free Photography Pics For You!

Hi There Blogging Friends! Did I tell you that I do a little bit of photography work?? Probably not, but yes I do, and I thought I would share some of my favourite floral pictures with you.

I have taken all of these photo's in the garden of my previous home or in the gardens of some of my friends.

You can use them if you like.....maybe as a nice background for something or; if you are real clever and can use Photoshop you could come up with anything amazing! Let me know if you do....I would love to see your creativity.

Pink Roses



Morning Glory



Frangipani Hope they warm the heart of all of my International friends who are still experiencing a cold snowy winter.


  1. Hi Judith I am still around I have been looking In to see what you are up to I love your Photos.I just love Flowers And your photos are Perfect.Have A good week.
    Hugs Mary.xx

  2. Hello Judith, Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing. Dianne.

  3. hi Judith, absolutely lovely photos...looks like nice weather too lol I have mailed your tag from the tag swap at "Tee's" today- Hope u enjoy! :) jane

  4. These are really pretty. Thank you! Twyla



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