Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Swapping Fun Again!

Hi There Blogging Friends. My latest ATC challenge with my friends at 'Roses On My Table' is "Famous Artists". I have to say that I pondered quite a bit, about how to alter some famous art but; as soon as I got "Mona" in focus, there was no holding me back.

I'm sure Leonardo Da Vinci would not be impressed, but sorry Leonardo; Mona's gone mad about hats!

Here is a closer look at the six I am sending off to USA tomorrow...

I fell in love with the the sweet little boy below "James" on Tee's blog 'The Altered Paper' and do you know what; that sweet Tee sent him to me.....wasn't that soooooo nice!

Now; I don't know if you know it or not but there is an unwritten courtesy rule; that if someone gifts you with a special Artist Trading Card (ATC) which represents their work.....the polite thing to do is to send one of your's back. Apparently, this goes way back to the early Masters of Art.

So; below is my ATC which will be winging it's way over to Tee tomorrow.
She is called 'Gentle Woman'....
I also received my February Valentine Tag from Denise, my partner in Tee's swap at The Altered Paper. Denise reminds us to spread a little February love around out precious garden ornaments....so cute!
Have you given your gnome a little bit of love lately??


  1. Love your hats on Mona Lisa! Very cute and clever of you. Also, I can see why you fell in love with the little boy; he's precious.


  2. Judith Dear,Your Feb.tag you sent me was amazing.It's so professional.If any of you ladies ever get to own her work, you will be so excited when you see it up close.Gorgeous!Thank you again.I will be posting soon.

  3. Your Mona Lisa Hats Are Great & They Look Good on Mona! Love Denises Gnome Tag & I agree, You Do Fantastic Work.
    Judith I Am Glad To Have Found James a Good Home Too! Thank You For The ATC - I Love Her. Hugs,Tee

  4. I love your Mona Lisa's in hats! And,
    Gentle woman is a work of art ... beautiful!



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