Monday, September 21, 2009

Just LOVE a Country Christmas!

Yes friends....... I am a Country Girl at heart so when the Editor of the Handmade magazine commissions me to design a project for the yearly "Country Christmas Issue", I am as happy as a bee with honey.....check out the cover;
Here is my project; "Twas the Night"....this is the bag front

Here is the back....ooooh where is the mouse ??

and here is what I came up with for the 'Leftover Challenge'. I'm thrilled that the magazine stylist put my favourite sweets in I know what to do with it when it comes back home;

Do you decorate your home in the Prim or Rustic Country Style?? Tell me what your favourite Prim/Rustic ornament is.....I'd love to hear.


  1. Adorable bag! Love the "leftover" basket! :-)

  2. Judith, everything you design just has the wow factor for me.
    I love the bag with the penny rug thingies and that little basket is just the cutest thing I ever saw.


  3. The bag is wonderful! It is just so pretty!

  4. Very nice. Great idea for the left overs...I could use some of those for my home.


  5. I guess my style would be country. That little mouse has a really nice hiding place!! Don't suppose I'll be able to find that magz. in the states. I have found a few once in a while, but the places don't seem to have them all the time.
    What magz. I've found from your part of the world I LOVE. Take Care

  6. Gorgeous Judith - Love the sweets bucket. I am a country chic girl at heart :)

  7. Rustic Country's my fave....I love the browns and burgandys, but there are some elements in the prim style I like too!!!! I think I'll be a fence-sitter on this one!
    Congratulations on the commission....I'll be waiting for the postman to arrive with my copy of Handmade so I can make one too!
    ;o) Wendy B

  8. Gorgeous Judith! I love your designs! :-)

    When it comes to Christmas, I am a country girl at heart! Rosie's room is pink so I have been enjoying making pretties for her and intend to make some shabby chic xmas ornaments in the future!

    Vikki xoxoxo

  9. Beautiful bag and I just love the lolly basket. Who ate all the green ones?

  10. That bag is darling! I love it! And the little basket too. Really cute!

  11. I love the little lolly basket and I'm going to make a few of these. Helps having a daughter with her own house now...LOL

    Congrats on a stunning bag too.

  12. Hi, Judith! I´m CARLA form Spain(Navarra) and I´m so glad to follow your blog, because your works are so nice, I know you by the Club APASIONADA POR LAS MANUALIDADES and i´m member of the club, so I wish visit my blog and comment me what do you think of my works, they´re simples but I enjoid making them.
    Best regards,

  13. Love the bag and also the left over bag. Very nice gifts.

  14. My style is a little more fussy than prim but I dearly love pinecone ornaments of any kind. Does that count? O wll.

  15. Gorgeous bag, and little fabric basket, Judith. I love the colours you have used.

  16. Love your fabric basket. Love the fact that 9 of you have joined together to show off your wonderful designs. I love Aussie designs...I can't get enough of them. Please enter me in your giveaways...3 entries..I have linked your blog on my blog, put the Gum Tree Designer logo on my site and I'm adding a comment here. Thank you...I'd love to win!

  17. PRIM PRIM PRIM....hehehe...does that answer your love that bag though...hugs Khris (sew prim khris)



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