Friday, September 18, 2009


My absolute favourite colour combination in fabric's is "pink and green"..oh yes; the moment I walk into a Patchwork Shop, my body steers to anything pink and's like a magnet....I don't have to do anything at all...and; I have no trouble coming home with some delicious fabric!
However; I got to thinking lately, that I must be walking past lots and lots of colour opportunities for my don't I put the blinkers on to pink and green for awhile and; choose another combination then; see what happens........
I've always liked blue and.....yellow is a complimentary colour so Blue and Yellow it is;
My sister brought me this gorgeous handmade shawl in an Op Shop because; with my new interest in yellow and blue, I just fell in love with it...mmmm I think I am onto something;

My sister also......gave me this lovely bundle of blue and yellow fat you think she is trying to tell me something ??
Well; my sister is the oldest and one should always listen to their older I promptly placed an order with one of my favourite on-line shops 'Shabby Fabrics' USA and added these lovely Buttery Yellow and Murky Blue fat quarters to my stash;
I've already got a project in mind for these.....aren't they pretty?

Now it's one thing to test yourself out with a few fat quarters...but what about stepping outside the square with different colours for a big project???
Well; my favourite designer Leanne Beasley from Leannes House designed a beautiful quilt named 'Butterfly Garden and.......Leanne made up her quilt in my favourite colours....easy and safe;
BUT....Leanne encouraged her students to "stretch their boundaries on colour" AND these girls really put the blinkers on to what is safe and; went for some great colour combinations.......take a look at the results;

What about you???? Are there colours that you could be using ??......I would love to hear; maybe you might like to try;






Tell me what's on your mind with colour.


  1. Wow. It is amazing how different the three quilts look. They are all gorgeous. (Just goes to show what a good design can do too.)

    I'm on my way to Home Depot now to play with the paint chips!

  2. My problem with colour is that I just cant make up my mind! My favourties are pink and green too but my house is more country colours.burgundy,creams, is no where to be seen. does that happen?? Glad to see you are stepping outside of your colour comfort zone! JoJo xoxox

  3. I am liking aqua and purple or the aqua and pink is striking as well. It is also hard for me to step OUT of my comfort zone - never never any autumn colours for me. Give me winter colours anyday, including my clothing.

  4. My favorites are tropical brights - but I also love shabby chic colors, soft pinks and greens - I can't wait to see what you make with your lovely new fabric! Those quilts are amazing, and they all look so different. Color can really change things up!

  5. I don't have any color fears but a friend in Austrailia said they are loving chocolate and turquoise. Odd combo but I would like to think Chocolate and maybe green or yellow.

  6. Purple! I love purples! With emerald greens and sea-foam blues and petunia pinks (to name a few)! Isn't color fun to play with? And it never ceases to amaze me how *different* a pattern can look just by switching up the colors! Yay for color!

  7. I just love that shawl. I have always gone for purples but recently I have been trying to avoid it and am leaning more towards neutrals with perhaps a touch of aqua. Who am I kidding, if it looks good I will use it! I am looking forward to seeing what you make with those lovely yellows and blues.

  8. What a beautiful post Judith... providing lots of food for thought! It's very liberating when you go out side your own colour palette "comfort zone!"

    I too am a 'pink and green' girl... but I'm being called to by turqoise and peach at the moment!

    Love and hugs!
    Vikki xoox

  9. Colorifique - I love them all! I tend to sway from time to time - thanks for all the nice pics, inspiring!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  10. I couldn't live without colour. Something vital in me would wither and die! I am a winter colour palette girl as well, altho I have done projects with other colours...but I have taken twice as long over the non-fave colour projects because I needed to subdue the "OOoooooYukkk!"in me every time I worked with them. Just couldn't picture the final product at all, like I can with faves.

  11. I love murky country colours...the burgandys and the deep blues and creams, however I've just bought a kit using japanese prints, not usually my favourites but I absolutely love them. They're in purples with apricots and turquoise made into a kaleidoscope pattern....quite stunning. So I think I'm stretching my boundaries this week!
    ;o) Wendy B

  12. That's such a brilliant idea, Judith!! I'm definitely going to go colour 'shopping' at the paint store, too! ;-)

  13. Oh Judith this is very interesting... I think I will be visiting Bunnings next time hubby goes..for paint swatches.... he he.... I am a pink, green, brown girl but recently have explored outside my comfort zone with a couple of smallish quilts...did a green, orange one and wow I loved the result....
    Hugs Dawn x x

  14. Have just signed up @ "among the gumtree" blog.
    Hope I'm figuring this out correctly. Love looking through your colors and all the things you've been making. I like yellow and blues, but really depending on the season, hard to find a fabric I don't like.
    Looking forward to visiting often.



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