Saturday, January 28, 2012

Oh So Happy Mail!

Are you finding any treats in your mailbox lately?? Oh my goodness I am and it is so much fun!
I received this lovely tag to-day in Australia; where it is hot and humid and; it was a joy to see all this shimmering of ice and snow in the coolness of a blue background.
This lovely tag was sent to me by Mercedes of 'All Things Pretty' for our January swap with The Altered Paper.
Then; I received a huge parcel from my Tag Art friends at Roses On My Table which is co-ordinated by the lovely 'Chel'. Included in my parcel were three tags from my swapping friends for our November subject; 'Statues'.

Love this bronze bucking bronco....yea hah!

This bronze statue of the chinese man is beautifully surrounded by gold and green...very classy!I adore this tag of the Statue of Liberty and the saying "Freedom Lies In Being Bold". Isn't that the truth friends.....and who helps the world more to remain free than that wonderful country USA!
The next tag was our December Christmas Tag Swap. I am so in love with these little birdies on the branch, can never get enough birdies in my life!
Below is a pic of how my tags arrived in the mail to-day. It is such a thrill to get envelopes that make you want to rip them open and read every inch of what is inside.......I must say the bill envelopes never give you that feeling!
But wait there's more.......inside my parcel from Chel was this delightful treat of home baked wonderful is that...all the way from USA and as fresh as if it was baked to-day.
Then; as if some home baked treats were not enough; the lovely Chel also put in some little Christmas gifts. This gorgeous girl is going to get some serious loving go back over to her shortly.
If you're not getting 'happy mail' think about joining in on the many swaps that are on the Internet, especially with fellow bloggers. I promise you; it will be a wonderful experience!


  1. Beautiful things in the mail makes for a most happy day indeed! Love them all!

  2. All Are Beautiful Tag Creations! Love Them!
    And The Homemade Fudge Yum! Hugs,Tee



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