Sunday, January 22, 2012

Paper Dolls Again!

Hi There Blogging Friends. I've been dabbling in "Steampunk" for my January Swap of Paper Art Dolls and it has been a lot of fun. These two ladies were a free image gift on the net (sorry, I can't remember where), so I altered them to create the two dolls. I think the one on the left is saying to her friend;

"yes.....just another day running a machinery company!" mail has brought some lovely gifts. This pretty ATC was sent by my partner, Donna from Red Apple Junction in the 'Vintage' Swap. It is soooo nice as it has been glued to a small photo frame backing, so I can stand it up....thankyou Donna.

This precious ATC was a gift that I won in a Giveaway with Laura over at Artfully Musing. What a joy it will be to bring it out each New Year....thankyou Laura, I love it!


  1. So many beautiful tags to view on your blog either created by yourself or given as gifts!
    They are so inspirational and appealing!
    Thank you so kindly for visiting my blog and leaving such an encouraging comment!
    Best Wishes,

  2. just gorgeous! I love coming here - there are always something lovely to look at!



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