Thursday, October 8, 2009

Extra Sewing Tips

Narelle said that "she would liked to have seen how the finish looked on the back of the binding" that I previously posted about.....well Narelle here it is;
This is a placemat that I worked on yesterday. The first photo shows how I turn the binding over to the back and pin in place ready for hand sewing. You will see that the corner is shaped to fold a mitre;
In this case, to work quickly, I did a slip stitch around the can see in the photo that the mitre has been sewn in by slip stitching up the fold and then bringing the needle back down to continue sewing. Note that my slip stitches are "just" below the seam allowance line. If I have time, I often to do a blind hemming stitch as the stitches are almost invisible.
This photo shows the finished corner and edges.

I thought you might also like to see how I quilted this place are the evenly spaced quilting lines;
To get this result I used 0.25in Quilters Removable Tape;

I used my Quilters Ruler to create a grid across the placemat and, as I went I stuck a piece of tape down alongside the rulers edge. Note how I have extended the tape beyond the edges;

then; I lifted the extended pieces of tape, turned them over to the back and stuck them down to hold the top, the wadding and the backing together......

I marked each tape with an arrow to indicate where I needed to sew to keep the even grid, then used my walking foot and sewed close to each tape edge from top to bottom....

You're finished....just peel all the tape it because you can use it a few more times. I wrap mine around a glass bottle.

Now isn't that an easy way to quilt a small pins, no basting...just careful "sticking"!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Come Stitching With Me!

I am often asked "do I use a hoop"....well the answer is "no, I do not" that doesn't tell you much does it? No.......well I thought I would take you through the final stages of the project I finished to-day to tell you what I do. It's in the mail to Handmade for publication, so I can't show you everything, but I can give you a sneak peek of how I got my finishing result.

I used pretty glass beads for some embellishment....just love them!
Generally, when the design is drawn and I have ironed the wadding onto the back of the front, I use a stitchery backing on the back. This prevents the migration of wadding to the front of the work. I always baste my layers together like this;
and; I fold the surplus of the backing over the edges and baste them down too. This prevents the edges from fraying while you are working on the stitchery;

I roll the surplus part of the unit up to meet where I want to stitch then; using my fingers, I apply upward pressure from the back to minimise creases;

Once hand stitching is completed and the final backing is sandwhiched to the unit, I prepare the binding then create a pocket at the start. The pocket will accommodate the final end of the binding for a neat finish. I only pin the start, then I hold the binding in place all the way around with my fingers to keep it firm;

When I arrive at the first corner, I stop 0.25in inwards from the approaching edge. Then; I sew directly across the angle to the corner; to set up the mitre;

I fold the binding back on itself in line with the previous stitching to the corner.

Then; I fold the binding downwards along the next edge to be stitched. I start sewing again 0.25in from the edges;

I continue sewing until I return to the starting point. Then; I trim the end of the binding and slip it into the pocket;

Once the binding is settled into the pocket, I complete the seam;

This is how the finished corners look on the right side.

Well; this is what I finished making to-day.....what did you finish? I would love to hear.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Handmade Gift's For Men ????

With Christmas gift giving creeping closer each month; my craft group are planning events to present our homemade gifts to the public. A "Summertime Market" in the gardens of our lovely cottage is planned for the end of October and.......members want to make a big effort with the creation of "gifts for men". But.....what can we make for them ?????? Here are some of my published projects designed with men in mind.



BUT - There has to be more nice things we can make for the men in our lives................DO YOU HAVE A SUGGESTION???? I would love to hear it.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Just LOVE a Country Christmas!

Yes friends....... I am a Country Girl at heart so when the Editor of the Handmade magazine commissions me to design a project for the yearly "Country Christmas Issue", I am as happy as a bee with honey.....check out the cover;
Here is my project; "Twas the Night"....this is the bag front

Here is the back....ooooh where is the mouse ??

and here is what I came up with for the 'Leftover Challenge'. I'm thrilled that the magazine stylist put my favourite sweets in I know what to do with it when it comes back home;

Do you decorate your home in the Prim or Rustic Country Style?? Tell me what your favourite Prim/Rustic ornament is.....I'd love to hear.

Friday, September 18, 2009


My absolute favourite colour combination in fabric's is "pink and green"..oh yes; the moment I walk into a Patchwork Shop, my body steers to anything pink and's like a magnet....I don't have to do anything at all...and; I have no trouble coming home with some delicious fabric!
However; I got to thinking lately, that I must be walking past lots and lots of colour opportunities for my don't I put the blinkers on to pink and green for awhile and; choose another combination then; see what happens........
I've always liked blue and.....yellow is a complimentary colour so Blue and Yellow it is;
My sister brought me this gorgeous handmade shawl in an Op Shop because; with my new interest in yellow and blue, I just fell in love with it...mmmm I think I am onto something;

My sister also......gave me this lovely bundle of blue and yellow fat you think she is trying to tell me something ??
Well; my sister is the oldest and one should always listen to their older I promptly placed an order with one of my favourite on-line shops 'Shabby Fabrics' USA and added these lovely Buttery Yellow and Murky Blue fat quarters to my stash;
I've already got a project in mind for these.....aren't they pretty?

Now it's one thing to test yourself out with a few fat quarters...but what about stepping outside the square with different colours for a big project???
Well; my favourite designer Leanne Beasley from Leannes House designed a beautiful quilt named 'Butterfly Garden and.......Leanne made up her quilt in my favourite colours....easy and safe;
BUT....Leanne encouraged her students to "stretch their boundaries on colour" AND these girls really put the blinkers on to what is safe and; went for some great colour combinations.......take a look at the results;

What about you???? Are there colours that you could be using ??......I would love to hear; maybe you might like to try;






Tell me what's on your mind with colour.


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