Sunday, April 8, 2012

A week of fun......AGAIN!

Hi There Blogging Friends! If someone gave you a blank wall down the street and said "it's your turn to come up with some street art....go for it.....have your say!", what would you put on it???

Makes you stop and think doesn't it?

This is what happened to all of us who are taking up the April challenges on the Art Journaling Site. Graffiti was allowed as it is considered to be wall art....mmmm.......not my thing.

So; what "is" my thing? Well; since I have been playing with Art related ideas, I've come to realise that Art is all about putting a message out there. It can be a personal one, which opens up insight into emotional or physical pain, joy, love, fun etc. However; it can be something that causes people to stop and think or even to take action to change their lives.

I decided that "stopping people to think about their current situation" was the way I wanted my street art message to go. I started with a neutral background of acrylic paint then; stencilled a brick wall over the top of it. Then; I used the new technique that our prompt teacher Paula, shared with us and I wiped away a hole in the wall with a baby wipe.

The hole in the wall became "another life" and all of a sudden my title sprang to to the fore. I called it "Choices". Has it got you thinking? Hope so!

The lovely people organising the 'Journal Journey' over at Roses On My Table are not to be outdone with a difficult challenge either. The challenge prompt for March was "Relax, Breathe, Let Go". It took me awhile to ponder this one; but my thoughts of my days working in the city gave me inspiration.

I remember well; the rainy, gloomy days during winter where everyone would get off the trains and trudge to their office blocks. Men would be dressed in dark winter suits with their large black umbrella's up and walk as a mass down the footpaths. Being a young woman; I used to hate the boring depressing; why not tell everyone about those personal thoughts with my art!

Finally; a different type of challenge. We here at Taree are blessed to be having a visit by the travelling roadshow of the winning entries in the 2011 'Alice Springs Beanie Festival' Challenge. The exhibition will be held at; 'The Manning Art Gallery' from 20 April 2012 to 20 May 2012 and; our local craft group, Taree Craft Centre will also have a 'Creative Beanie' Challenge on display with the visiting exhibition.

Now; I wasn't going to put an entry in our craft group challenge....tooooo busy........did not have time, I told my friends! However; my cry fell on deaf ears and my friend Sue threw a knitted beanie at me in a gorgeous teal green colour and said "do something with that"!

The rest is history so they say...the beautiful colour got me in and all I could see was the 'Barrier Reef' in it is!

Until next time.....HAPPY CREATIVE CRAFTING!


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