Monday, March 1, 2010

Opening Mail and A Sewing Tip

The mail has arrived with some delightful things that I have been waiting for; so I thought I would share them with your.
My latest "must have" book is once again from The Book Depository and is; 'The Cozies (2)' which is published by the Guild of Master Craftsman Publications Ltd.

For the creation of this book, competitions were held by the UK 'Knitting Magazine' asking readers to design and make cozies especially for publication and this is their second book.
Wow...what talent exists out there..I am in love with these cozies and can see myself sitting by the fire during our upcoming winter with needles and yarn in hand;
Black and White......soooo classy!

A Garden one....and oh so magical;

Strawberries...yes please!

Cupcake will always be a favourite.

THEN.....there was my parcel from Winterwood.....oh my; I love this dreamy pure wool felt; I am building up my collection of colours in this gorgeous felt and am "itching" to create something with any suggestions????

NOW.....I was once again sewing my current 'leftover challenge' project for the publication in the Handmade magazine later in the year and I thought....wonder if you all know about this little trick I use when sewing close to buttons and beads......??? Probably not so here it is;

Place a thin piece of cardboard over the beads or buttons just before you approach them with the sewing foot on the machine. I just use whatever cardboard is at hand....this is a piece off my favourite coffee box, 'Nescafe Cafe Menu' Hazelnut Latte...yum;

Leave a gap big enough for the needle to sew through. Hold the cardboard firmly to allow the foot to climb onto it and continue sewing as normal:

The foot will slide along the cardboard like a skateboard sliding on concrete and the buttons or beads won't suffer any damage or jamm the foot;

There you stress!
Hope you are all having a nice Monday.....would love to hear what you are up to...opening interesting mail perhaps ???


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