Friday, March 22, 2013

Aussie Tag Swap for March

Hi There Blogging Friends!  I am late with this blog post thanks to an unusal problem with my camera.  It all revolved around new re-chargeable batteries which seemed to corrupt the download system from camera to computer.  I've finally got around it by using some older software, but still have to work out how to fix it. Anyway; I wanted to show you our darling Aussie 12 months of Tags Swap for the month of March, so here they are.....I chose this  vintage image of a girl with her bunnies and kept my tag in the softer tones..isn't she gorgeous;

and here is the vibrant tag I received from my partner  Elaine (yes, it was Elaine and not it the wrong way round, as I sent mine to Tanya...phew!)......gosh I love it Elaine!


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