Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Wishes and Two More Projects

Hi There blogging friends! The Holiday Season is almost here and the Christmas Spirit is everywhere. This lovely card was shared with us all by Feathers and Flight, and I loved it so much, I decided to share it with you as well....Merry Christmas All.

Following are two more projects for our Papercrafts Expo to be held here in Taree in January.

I wanted something different so, decided to have one of my favourite photo's processed in both Sepia and Black and White instead of the usual colour and I must say I am delighted with the results. This is a wall hanging;

and this one is a journal.

I'll be spending time with my precious family until New Year, so will be back in 2011.....enjoy your holiday break!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Slow Progress!

Big things are supposed to be happening in my Studio; but unfortunately, there isn't much to report, at this stage.

However; I have a deadline of 19th January, 2011 to come up with some Papercraft Projects so; after Christmas the Studio door will be locked with me!

As you can see, I made a good start awhile back, with some paper goodies from my stash....

but; this sweet wall hanging is the only thing that got over the finish line.

Can you see the little bird's nest and Mumma bird watching over her brood?

I've used an artists canvas to hold the layout. It's a good way to "get off the page" and hang some of your favourite photo's in the house or give as a gift.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holiday Crafting Fun!

Hi There Blogging Friends. I took a box of crafting goodness with me on my recent holiday and on a couple of peaceful mornings; I dived into it and made these jewellery items.

I am the absolute novice with jewellery making, but "gee I love it", so who knows; I could get hooked...mmmm better keep my unfinished quilts in view I think!

The brooches are pretty, can't decided which one will be mine..........they'll probably all vanish for Christmas gifts.

I do like this bracelet and came up so simple and sweet.

Pink and green are my favourite am I going to part with this one then?

I've still got these cream and black beauties to play with. It's another favourite colour combination of mine..........think my jewellery box is going to get a face lift!

Do you have some handmade jewellery? Love to hear about your favourite piece.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Blogging Break is OVER!

Oh Yes..... it sure is; and I am back in my Studio again. Do I have anything exciting to tell you...well no; not really........sun, surf, sand and sea breeze's were on the agenda for my blogging break and I didn't even carry my camera with me. It was BLISS!

However; while I spent lazy days in the summer sun, the lovely people at Express Publications were working and it was a nice surprise to see three of my projects in the current issue;

'Handmade - Quick Christmas Crafts' Vol:28 No:8,

I decided to create a project, for you to jazz up the bed for Christmas this year. It's two pillowslips and a cushion to match......

Then I got to thinking about the kitchen window sill and thought this cute little softie would jazz it up too......

Then; for a quick 1 hour project I thought you might like to make and send these delightful Mug Cards to those you won't see this Christmas. There is a verse for the inside, which was left out of the instructions, so I'll put it at the bottom of the pic.......


To-day I would like to visit and share a cup of tea but the many hours between us just won't let it be,
We'll have that time together, just you wait and see;
boil the jug and make yourself this special mug of tea,

when you drink it sip by sip
you will "Remember Me".

This is the cover to look those pretty Christmas Trees!

Friday, October 29, 2010

A Blogging Break and Projects...... "Done & Dusted"

Yes Blogging Friends; my husband and I are loading up our vehicle and taking some time out to catch up with friends who we only see, once a year.

Being early summer; we look forward to four lovely weeks of fresh air, barbeque's, walks on the beach and pleasant company.

No phones; no computers; no deadlines......but....there will be a little bit of stitching to keep me from going rusty.

However; I do have a nice lot of my latest work to show you before I log off.

Remember this pile from my stash?

I got into it and created some mixed media Decorators Pillows.....this one is a pretty blue;

I dragged out my stamps and played with this one....

and...this gorgeous lady has been sitting on my desk looking at me for ages. Now; she has centre stage on this elegant cushion..........

I still had some nice cups left from my last round of pin cushion making, so I dabbled with these;

Then; I got a little bit crazy for making up some hession, (burlap to our USA sisters). These are all lavender pouches....mmmmm they do smell nice! I received my copy of the latest Handmade magazine 'Christmas Gift-Giving', vol:28, no:7 with two of my designs published inside.....

'Antique Roses' Stitchery

'Garden Dreaming' Stitcheries

This is the one to look out for! The little bag on the left of the front cover is also one of my left over projects.....thankyou Handmade!

Okey; it's "goodbye from me" for four weeks....don't forget me will you.......I'll be back!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Vintage Goodness

Hi There Blogging Friends! Recently; I joined Mary Green's 'Collage Coterie' On-Line Class and was delighted to be introduced to a new friend. Our first lesson was to create a torn paper background then brush "GESSO" over it to create an aged look.

I had seen Gesso being referred to during other instructions but I used to just ignore it and use white folk art paint instead.

However; this time I felt it was time to discover this "new friend" and I am glad I did.

Below is my first attempt at the lesson; I used a paper mache tag then; covered it with my torn papers and brushed them over with Gesso. I love the way the Gesso gave the background a bit of a "spooky" look. The second part of the lesson was to work with appropriate image sizes for the piece of art so; I chose this sweet little girl who is heading off to bed with her favourite toy. I think her daddy is saying "Good Night and God Bless" and she has turned to acknowledge him. Or....maybe a ghostly figure whispered that!!!

My second attempt was also on a paper mache tag. This lesson wasn't so much about using the Gesso; it was about adding charcoal smudged edges to the images to make them stand out more.

I had worked on my tag and all was well.....but then.......I accidentally slopped a blob of Gesso onto my Bride's dress...oh dear.....I tried to remove it but it got worse.....I wiped a hole in the paper image!

So; after a bit of wondering what to do I grabbed a good dose of my new friend "Gesso" in a brush and completely covered the bride's dress then; I swirled a pattern all over with a pin. A few dots of Gesso on the bridal veil and the image was saved. You see; Gesso allows you to sculp a little....why didn't I go buy this fabulous product before ???

I am so looking forward to doing more of Mary's course to discover more new friends.

This love of the mixed media vintage look; which includes paper, fabric, stamping, chalks and inks is running through my veins at the moment....I can't get enough of it!

I love surfing the net to see what everyone is doing and recently I came across a gorgeous blog; Cape Cod Rambling Rose, which is operated by a very nice lady by the name of Louise. I fell instantly in love with a piece of Louise's work; so I purchased it from her Etsy shop. It is just so nice to see other people's work up close and I love Louise's book of fabric, lace and paper.

Louise also sent me these divine antique 'Cabinet Cards' . What a joy it is to see these up close....I haven't seen anything like them here in Australia...have you?

All this vintage inspiration got me very excited this past week, so my dear friend Sue and I went "op" shopping to seek out vintage finds.

This is what we brought home.....

beautiful cut-out work...

delightful cotton hand towels...

and "lotsa" lace and damask cloths...mmmmm they are nice!

All have been washed and ironed and are ready for me to make something special out of them.

Do tell....what is your latest vintage love?

Monday, September 27, 2010

'Birdcage - Weekend Sew-In'

Did you join in the 'Birdcage - Weekend Sew-In' with Jennie and Wendy ??

I are some pics of my "Bling Birdie" which I designed especially for the fun weekend.

I love her!

Can't wait to see what YOU came up with!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Opening Mail and A Sewing Tip

The mail has arrived with some delightful things that I have been waiting for; so I thought I would share them with your.
My latest "must have" book is once again from The Book Depository and is; 'The Cozies (2)' which is published by the Guild of Master Craftsman Publications Ltd.

For the creation of this book, competitions were held by the UK 'Knitting Magazine' asking readers to design and make cozies especially for publication and this is their second book.
Wow...what talent exists out there..I am in love with these cozies and can see myself sitting by the fire during our upcoming winter with needles and yarn in hand;
Black and White......soooo classy!

A Garden one....and oh so magical;

Strawberries...yes please!

Cupcake will always be a favourite.

THEN.....there was my parcel from Winterwood.....oh my; I love this dreamy pure wool felt; I am building up my collection of colours in this gorgeous felt and am "itching" to create something with any suggestions????

NOW.....I was once again sewing my current 'leftover challenge' project for the publication in the Handmade magazine later in the year and I thought....wonder if you all know about this little trick I use when sewing close to buttons and beads......??? Probably not so here it is;

Place a thin piece of cardboard over the beads or buttons just before you approach them with the sewing foot on the machine. I just use whatever cardboard is at hand....this is a piece off my favourite coffee box, 'Nescafe Cafe Menu' Hazelnut Latte...yum;

Leave a gap big enough for the needle to sew through. Hold the cardboard firmly to allow the foot to climb onto it and continue sewing as normal:

The foot will slide along the cardboard like a skateboard sliding on concrete and the buttons or beads won't suffer any damage or jamm the foot;

There you stress!
Hope you are all having a nice Monday.....would love to hear what you are up to...opening interesting mail perhaps ???


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