Saturday, November 27, 2010

Blogging Break is OVER!

Oh Yes..... it sure is; and I am back in my Studio again. Do I have anything exciting to tell you...well no; not really........sun, surf, sand and sea breeze's were on the agenda for my blogging break and I didn't even carry my camera with me. It was BLISS!

However; while I spent lazy days in the summer sun, the lovely people at Express Publications were working and it was a nice surprise to see three of my projects in the current issue;

'Handmade - Quick Christmas Crafts' Vol:28 No:8,

I decided to create a project, for you to jazz up the bed for Christmas this year. It's two pillowslips and a cushion to match......

Then I got to thinking about the kitchen window sill and thought this cute little softie would jazz it up too......

Then; for a quick 1 hour project I thought you might like to make and send these delightful Mug Cards to those you won't see this Christmas. There is a verse for the inside, which was left out of the instructions, so I'll put it at the bottom of the pic.......


To-day I would like to visit and share a cup of tea but the many hours between us just won't let it be,
We'll have that time together, just you wait and see;
boil the jug and make yourself this special mug of tea,

when you drink it sip by sip
you will "Remember Me".

This is the cover to look those pretty Christmas Trees!


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