Saturday, September 24, 2011

Paper Art Dolls are Fun to Make!

Oh yes Blogging Friends; I've discovered 'Paper Art Dolls' and have had a great time creating these two for a swap with some USA friends.

They are both about 10 inches tall. This is my 'Boo Witch'; she doesn't move but has a hanger on the back....

This is my 'Bat Witch' and she has moveable arms and legs, plus a hanger on the back...

If you want to get into making these little cuties; go here to the Roses on My Table site and join the 'Le Papier Doll Swap''ll meet some nice people there.

On the travelling side; I came across these fabulous historical pictures, in a museum and they got me wondering "why don't all men wear hats like they used to"?????

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I've experimenting with ART!

Hi There Blogging Friends! For some time now I've been wanting to do some creative work that has "no rules" and gives you the freedom to dab with a brush, sponge, splash, sew, cut out, glue or do whatever fun thing you want to do with whatever is at hand or; with whatever just "tickles your fancy".

I've come to realise that this is what is called 'MIXED MEDIA ART'. Now; I don't know about you; but as a long time CRAFTER the word ART seems to be quite daunting and something like a "no-go zone" for people who dabble in craft.

Well; let me tell you that the ART world is open to everyone and I've found the perfect place to get in there and have a go.

The "place" is a group run by the very talented USA Artist, Cristina 'Zinna' Galliher and is called 'ROSES ON MY TABLE'.

Zinnia offers a supportive environment where beginners can take up reasonably priced Mixed Media On-line Classes with step by step video's and also participate with a whole group of arty people, either by building friendships to share arty thoughts and achievements or by joining in on swaps of; Art Tags, Inchies, Artists Trading Cards, Papers Doll Exchanges and Dotee Doll Exchanges.

This pic above is the site logo of Roses On My Table and you will find it HERE.

I loved the quirky style of the 'Four of a Kind' 0n-line class which is a great start for beginners; so I signed up! Zinnia shows you how to begin a design in an Art Journal then; transfer the best aspects to Canvas. I am in practice mode already.....

This is my first attempt with 'Two of a Kind' on Watercolour paper . Didn't opened the journal to layout my Four of a Kind ....I wasn't that However; I think I can move onto it now that I have an idea of how to handle watercolours, coloured pencils, gluing old papers on backgrounds, cutting and shaping the dolls and also using stamps and gesso to soften or create interest in the background.

I also joined the 'Tag Art Swap Group' too. The group works with a bi-monthly subject where members are required to send three completed tags to the co-ordinator and; after the closing date you receive three different tags back, which were completed by other members.

The subject for this round was; Ancient Cities. I chose 'Jerusalem - The Holy City'.

So; if you've been wanting to spread your wings and have some fun with arty stuff; pop on over to Zinnia's site , join up as a Member and take a look at the possibilities.


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